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If tourism is the lifeblood of the Virgin Islands economy then the service industry has to be considered the HEART that keeps that lifeblood pumping. We recognize this fact and understand that our friends in the local service industry have been especially hard hit after the Hurricanes. Restaurants were destroyed, hotels and resorts were destroyed, bars closed down and slow business has caused many employers to have to trim down staff.

We want to recognize the important part that these service industry professionals play in making the US Virgin Islands an internationally known and loved vacation destination. They are the ambassadors of the territory and we couldn’t be the USVI we know and love without them. They are the smiling faces that visitors will remember and the first people they look for when they return.

In May 2018, we will be sponsoring a series of courses by the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET). Full details can be found below or click here.
Caribbean Wine Club is proud to be donating free tuition to one lucky student per class for all three classes!

Entry rules:
  • To enter, each person must submit an essay explaining why they believe that this type of course would help them advance their careers and simultaneously enrich the experiences of visitors to the US Virgin Islands. There are no specific requirements regarding the content of the essay. You can write about prior experiences, future plans, your thoughts on how service can be improved, a funny travel story, or whatever else you feel is relevant. Remember that the essay still needs to show how you are the best candidate for the free tuition so your narrative should reflect that.
  • This contest is not exclusive to “career” service professionals. You might be a high school student with plans on going to law school but see this as a way to improve yourself while you work at a restaurant and save money for college. No restrictions.
  • No minimums or maximums on length of essays.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • An individual is free to submit an essay for any or all of the three courses if they so desire. However, all submissions must be unique. You may not submit the same essay three times.
  • Essays can be in any format but must be emailed to for consideration.
  • This offer is for free tuition to the course but does not include any other costs associated with attendance. We welcome submissions from entrants anywhere but they will be personally responsible for transportation, room and board and any other costs.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please post them in our Facebook post so we can share the answer with any others that may have the same questions. (If you would rather ask a question privately please email us.)

What you can do to help:

  • We are urging restaurants, bars, and resorts to consider SPONSORING their own staff members to attend these educational courses. The skills they learn will be immediately be put to use in their current jobs and will make them a far more valuable member of your teams!
Charitable organizations:
  • We would also encourage any local charities that wish to sponsor additional students to contact us. There are many charities engaged in the rebuilding effort and this is an opportunity to directly assist a needy individual that may benefit from this course but doesn’t have the financial means to pay the tuition.
Everyone else:
  • Share this with your friends and spread the word. Free tuition is free tuition and you can never tell who might be interested in the opportunity.
Help someone in need:
  • Do you know someone who would love to attend one of these courses but isn’t financially in a position to pay for the course? We would love to help you surprise them with a sponsored tuition! Email us your plans and we will assist in whatever way we can. Want to make it anonymous? We will help you with that as well.




Questions? Contact us.