Where there are wine lovers, there is a way.

Wineries face several challenges when  shipping wine to the USVI.

  • Shipping costs: UPS and FEDEX charge between $350 and $480 for a 12/btl shipment to St. Thomas.

  • Paperwork:  Common carriers regard the US Virgin Islands as an international destination and this requires additional paperwork which would not be required from a club member living in the 50 states.

  • Hassle: Most wineries use a fulfillment company to handle and ship all of their wine club shipments.  It’s not financially viable for them to make an exception to include shipments to a tiny US territory.

  • We fixed all of this!

Wine lovers have concerns about shipping wine across the country and to the USVI.

  • Shipping costs: Same concerns as the wineries.

  • Quality Control: If a consumer were to ship via common carrier there would be no guarantee as to the temperature controls under which their wine would be transported.

  • Hassle: Unfortunately, asking a winery to send wine club shipments to you in the Caribbean is similar to asking them to send you wine to the Sahara.  Demand is low and so are their margins.

  • We fixed all of this!

West Coast to West Indies


Caribbean Wine Club exists to bridge this gap and make it affordable for consumers to receive their wine club shipments to their USVI addresses at low rates as well as making it effortless for the wineries.

The fact is that consumers in the USVI do not have access to some of the best wines produced in the United States.  Most of these wines are exclusive to wine club members or sold only at the winery. They have ZERO distribution, in the USVI or elsewhere.

Members of the Caribbean Wine Club will be able to have access to highly allocated wines at club member prices.  The power of consolidation means that all of our wines will be shipping together in a refrigerated container and impervious to temperature fluctuations.